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On April 8th, 2021 my husband Paul had a massive stroke. We had just taken out coverage about 3 months before this happened. Paul had never had any health problems other than seasonal allergies, heartburn, and anxiety due to claustrophobia. On April 8th, our lives changed when Paul had his stroke at 3:00 am. He had no signs before his stroke. Fortunately for us, Paul had asked our daughter, Andrea Fayville, what exactly she sold? She told him and I about Globe Life and the benefits. Paul looked at me and said "Well it wouldn't hurt to get covered as we are getting older." Then he kind of chuckled. Little did we know at that time that we would need it so soon. Paul spent 12 days in ICU, 14 days in a medical rehab hospital and another 14 days in another rehab hospital. It is now 7 months since his stroke and he is still currently in rehab. He goes to 3 rehabs, 4 times a week. It has been a relief knowing we have Globe Life and the coverage as some of the bills have been very big. I am so thankful for that day that Paul asked Andrea, "What exactly do you sell?"
Jodelle Gefroh
No one ever wants their name associated with the word "cancer" but I'm so happy I took out cancer insurance form the wonderful Andrea Fayville. She's been amazing helping me with my claim and checking in on me during my journey. I highly recommend Globe Life.
Ramie Nelson

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